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The Nine Clusters in the Museum

Visit each individual cluster to learn more about a specific area
of Islamic scholarship.

The Museum is divided into nine clusters:

  • The Introductory cluster, entitled ‘Why did Science Flourish in Islam?’
  • Seven technical clusters, that showcase different aspects of Islamic contributions to science and technology
  • The Exit cluster, entitled ‘The Revival of Science in Islam’

The nine clusters are illustrated below.

In addition to the interactive displays, touch screens and working scale models, the Museum also includes many posters as well as projected images and quotations of famous Islamic scholars.


Learning Institutions

The strong ethic of teaching and learning in Islamic culture is highlighted in this cluster.


Why did Islamic science flourish?

The Introductory cluster introduces visitors to the theme, storyline and take-home message of the Museum. People are able to interact with a three-dimensional fly-through of the Museum.



The Technology cluster showcases many of the amazing technological advances made by Muslim scholars and engineers.


Astronomy and Navigation

The many contributions made by Muslim scholars to astronomy and navigation are reviewed in this cluster.



A stunning Chemistry Object theater production, and series of interactive exhibits.



The way in which Muslim mathematicians lead the development of arithmetic, geometry, trigonometry and algebra is explored in exciting interactive exhibits and games.


Life and Environmental Sciences

Muslim zoologists, botanists and geologists made important pioneering contributions to their fields of study. Visitors meet them through the medium of interactive exhibits and hands-on displays.


Art and Architecture

The role of mathematics and art in Islamic architecture is examined through interactive exhibits and models.


The Revival of Islamic Science

In the Exit Cluster, visitors are challenged to test their new found knowledge of Islamic science and technology in an interactive quiz.