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The role of mathematics and art in Islamic architecture is examined through interactive exhibits and models. Famous examples of arabesque and geometric art, and architectural masterpieces, are also presented.

models of examples of iconic Islamic architecture

Four glass cabinets contain accurate scale models of four examples of iconic Islamic architecture:

  • Madrasah of al-Mustansiriyya
  • Sultan Bayezid II Külliyesi in Erdine, Turkey
  • The Court of the Lions at Alhambra, Granada, Spain
  • The Ummayad Mosque in Damascus, Syria.

Forms and Elements in Islamic Architecture

Muslim architects developed a wide variety of new forms for use in their buildings.

Masterpieces of Islamic Architecture

Some of the many examples of Islamic architectural masterpieces are showcased in this touch screen display.

Arabesque in Islamic Art and Architecture

This display explores the way in which the picturesque arabesque has been used in Islamic architecture and art.

Town Planning

Islamic towns and cities were developed along strict principles that took into account religious, social, economic and political norms. This dual projected display shows the typical sequence of events in the development of an Islamic village into a town and city.

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Geometric Art

Symmetrical geometric designs were widely used in Islamic art and design, and can be created by visitors using the multi-touch table.

The Golden Ratio

This fascinating interactive touch screen display explores the use of the Golden Mean and Fibonacci numbers in Islamic Art and Architecture as well as in nature.