Explore the Museum / Learning Institutions

The strong ethic of teaching and learning in Islamic culture is highlighted in this cluster.

Learning Institutions Theater

A spectacular video in the theater reviews the development of teaching and learning in mosques, madrasahs, schools, hospitals, observatories and universities in the Islamic world. The ethic of learning and of passing knowledge on to the next generation is also discussed.

Book display

A replica of a famous book by Erzincan on medicine, physics and philosophy is displayed.

Virtual Books

This touch screen display presents an example of a famous book ‘Book of Ingenious Mechanical Devices’ published by Muslim scholar, al-Jazari.

Paper making

Illustrations, materials and tools related to early paper making are displayed.

Meeting the Polymaths

Meet the most famous Islamic scholars (male and female) in this entertaining touch screen display.

The Calligrapher’s tools and materials

Different tools and materials used by traditional calligraphers are displayed.


Examples of different items and materials used as currency during the Golden Age of Islam are displayed.

Examples of Islamic Calligraphy

Examples of different styles of Islamic calligraphy are displayed.