Explore the Museum / Life and Environmental Sciences

Muslim zoologists, botanists and geologists made important pioneering contributions to their fields of study. Visitors meet them through the medium of interactive exhibits and hands-on displays. Also, presented are the early contributions to ecology, conservation biology, geology, geomorphology, meteorology and horticulture, as well as the medical sciences.

Natural sciences

Muslim scholars made important contributions to the natural sciences, especially in the fields of geology, geomorphology, meteorology, zoology and botany. Explore these contributions in this interactive display.

Surgical Instruments

Al-Zahrawi and other Muslim surgeons invented many new surgical instruments and procedures, as shown in this display.

Vital Life Signs

Long before holistic medicine became the latest fashion, Muslim medical doctors emphasized that a balanced life style is vital for long-term health and well-being.

‘Human Health’ touch wall

Muslim scientists made important contributions to the study of human anatomy, physiology and epidemiology. Some of these contributions are reviewed in this touch screen display.

Herbal Medicine

This display explores the wide variety of leaves, stems, roots, corms and flowers that were used by early Muslim herbalists to develop herbal medications.

Herbs and Spices

This display provides examples of some of the herbs and spices discovered or studied by Muslim herbalists and medical researchers.

Animal Biodiversity

This display provides examples of the wide variety of freshwater and marine animals studied by Muslim zoologists.

Botany and Pharmacology

Examples of early books by Muslim scholars on botany and pharmacy are displayed.